The Green Hydrogen Oraganisation (GH2) set up as a not profit foundation under Swiss law. In addition to its office in Geneva it is present in London, Perth, and Sydney.

In the fight to tackle a climate catastrophe, a range of clean technologies must be rapidly scaled to decarbonise different industries. Currently, there is no standard or certification to trade green hydrogen, no coordinated international effort to support the industry, and green hydrogen is a low priority amongst development finance institutions, despite green hydrogen’s enormous potential to stimulate development while reducing carbon emissions.

The GH2 has three priority areas: 

  1. The Global Green Hydrogen Charter
  2. The Global Green Hydrogen Development Plan
  3. The Green Hydrogen CEO Roundtable

Please view 'Our Initiatives' page for more information.

“GH2 has been established to tell this story and coordinate a dramatic acceleration of the green hydrogen sector. Every responsible business should be backing this effort.”

Dr Andrew Forrest, founding chairman of Fortescue Metals Group and the Minderoo Foundation