We invite companies, governments and other stakeholders to become members of the Green Hydrogen Organisation, GH2!

GH2 is a Swiss Foundation that has been established to promote green hydrogen in collaboration with government, industry and other stakeholders. We believe that climate disaster will only be prevented if the use of oil, gas and coal stops urgently. To do this, the world needs to accelerate the production and use of green hydrogen, made from renewable energy and water.

GH2 members are invited to participate in all GH2 initiatives, including its advisory and working groups. Members also join the Green Hydrogen Global Assembly, an annual meeting of senior business leaders, government officials, investment professionals, and civil society leaders to consider and agree strategies to accelerate this growth. [...] I hope you will consider joining GH2. It is only by working together that we can ensure that green hydrogen achieves its potential.

Malcolm Turnbull, Chair, the Green Hydrogen Organisation