DNV appointed to support GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard implementation

GENEVA - 21 October 2022

The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) has appointed assurance and risk management leader DNV to support the assessment of green hydrogen projects in accordance with the Green Hydrogen Standard.

GH2 CEO Jonas Moberg said: “As the world’s leading classification society and independent expert in assurance and risk management, DNV brings vast experience and energy sector expertise. Working together with companies at the forefront the green hydrogen economy, this project will provide greater certainty and transparency that green hydrogen is exactly that: hydrogen made with renewable electricity which conforms to the highest standards on emissions, ESG and the sustainable development goals.”

DNV Executive Vice President for Energy Systems, Northern Europe Prajeev Rasiah said: “Hydrogen and derivative fuels and feedstocks have great potential to grow rapidly around the world and are needed to meet net zero, but will only deliver meaningful emissions reductions if the hydrogen production itself is as clean as possible. DNV is very pleased to be working with GH2 and project developers to help ensure that new hydrogen production is truly environmentally and socially sustainable. DNV’s rigorous assurance work will help build confidence in this growing sector.”

Participating companies welcomed the development:

Fortescue Future Industries CEO Mark Hutchinson said: “FFI is committed to the production of green hydrogen with zero carbon emissions and strong sustainability criteria. The Green Hydrogen Standard sets a benchmark for what can be considered “GH2 Green Hydrogen”, and we plan to implement it across our global portfolio of green hydrogen projects.”

Hy Stor Energy CEO Laura L. Luce said: “As the premier anchor in North America for the GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard, we were the first company in the region to sign on and champion this global measure -- setting this high bar as a market leader to better ensure healthy communities for generations to come. We are thrilled to see that DNV has partnered with GH2 in order to drive transparency and certainty for the green hydrogen industry. Hy Stor is proud of its commitment to produce zero-carbon, zero-methane at scale at our Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub and we have the deep expertise and resources necessary to champion decarbonization for the hardest to abate industrial sectors.”

Founder and CEO of Envision Lei Zhang said: “This standard sets a clear benchmark for green hydrogen as the world's 'new oil', along with net zero industrial parks as the 'new infrastructure'. Taken together they will accelerate the drive towards green industrialisation, increase market confidence and support the global energy transition.”

GH2 launched the Green Hydrogen Standard at the Green Hydrogen Global Assembly in Barcelona in May 2022. In the first global effort of its kind, green hydrogen projects that meet the Green Hydrogen Standard (“the standard”) will be licensed to use the label “GH2 Green Hydrogen” and will be eligible to obtain and trade GH2 certificates of origin for green hydrogen and derivatives such as green ammonia.

With the appointment of DNV the first six green hydrogen projects will begin to be assessed in accordance with the Standard, with the scope to add further projects and companies in the coming months.

GH2 Director of the Green Hydrogen Standard Sam Bartlett said: “Green hydrogen producers and customers need clarity and consistency in order to plan for the long term. Adherence to emissions and sustainability standards will strongly influence project development, hydrogen pricing and export opportunities. The Green Hydrogen Standard now with DNV on board gives project developers a highly credible, globally recognized procedure to demonstrate their alignment with global best practice”.

Media Contact:

Joe Williams, GH2 Director of Strategy and Communications, / +447775751170 


This initial assessment will prioritize the following:

  • The protocols for verifying greenhouse gas emissions of <1kg CO2 / kg H2 in accordance with the agreed system boundaries;
  • Developing an agreed procedure for quantifying the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the storage, conversion and delivery of H2 and its derivatives, particularly green ammonia;
  • Reviewing and applying emerging best practice relating to embodied emissions;
  • Elaborating the procedures for verifying that project developers have considered "technically feasible and cost-effective measures to support the deployment of additional renewable energy capacity" in accordance with requirement 5a.
  • Evaluating the provisions related to the utilisation of water (including desalination) and wastewater treatment;
  • Elaborating the "exceptional circumstances", in accordance with §1.1, whereby GH2 may consider projects involving other renewable non-fossil sources, where these projects meet the same emissions and sustainability standards.

Terms of Reference - Testing of Green Hydrogen Projects in accordance with the Green Hydrogen Standard