Nouakchott Message

The Nouakchott Message was agreed at the Africa Green Hydrogen Finance Accelerator Forum on 13-14 April 2023 in Nouakchott, Mauritania, hosted by the Mauritania Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy and the Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA) with support from the Green Hydrogen Organisation and UN Climate Change High Level Champions.

The Nouakchott Message is a set of recommendations calling on development finance institutions (DFIs) and their shareholders to enable the African green hydrogen economy before it is too late. It is a contribution to the wider Bridgetown Agenda on global financial reform for climate and development.

The Nouakchott Message was delivered in a speech by Mauritania's Minister of Finance Isselmou Ould Mohamed M'BADY, together with reflections by Mauritania's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ousmane Mamoudou Kane, to a high-level roundtable on 15 April 2023 in Washington DC during the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings. The roundtable was chaired by GH2 Chair Malcolm Turnbull with remarks from Australian Ambassador to the US Kevin Rudd and interventions from DFI leaders, the private sector and civil society.