Green Hydrogen Legislation and Contracting- Good Practices for a Sustainable Green Hydrogen Economy

The Green Hydrogen Organisation (GH2) is launching a guidance portal and webinar series on good practice guidance on green hydrogen legislation and contracting. The guidance has been developed by a group of leading law firms, project developers, governments and civil society organisations to move faster to establish commonly accepted good practices.

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Moderator: Jonas Moberg, CEO, GH2 

Brief presentation: Ines Marques, Director – Green Hydrogen Development Plan, GH2 


  • Mahmoud Bassiouny, Partner, Matouk Bassiouny 

  • Carolina Lopez, Consultant, Hydrogen 4 Development, World Bank 

  • Don Hubert, President, Resources for Development (R4D) 

Governments all over the world are setting green hydrogen targets, developing strategies and establishing legislation and regulations to ensure they can benefit from the increasing demand for green hydrogen. However, few countries have established comprehensive legal and fiscal frameworks that will govern green hydrogen projects, and in less regulated markets, contracts signed between governments and project developers are likely to set key project terms. 

To help decision makers navigate emerging industry and policy developments, GH2 and a working group consisting of six pro-bono law firms, project developers, government and civil society representatives to develop guidance. The webinar will: 

  • Share key insights from the guidance on good green hydrogen legislation and contracting practices. 
  • Consider challenges and solutions related to green hydrogen financing, fiscal terms, pricing and off take agreements. 
  • Discuss good practices related to community engagement and transparency that should be embedded in legislation and contracts.