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GH2 and ‘Guidance’ Tamil Nadu have partnered to collaborate on the development and implementation of the Tamil Nadu Green Hydrogen Policy, fast tracking green hydrogen economy.

(a) GH2 provides policy advice and guidance on green hydrogen policy, regulations, and contracting practices.  

  • GH2 is supporting Tamil Nadu in designing and implementing their green hydrogen policy and related legislation, aligning with global standards and best practice. The vision of the policy is to make Tamil Nadu a leading green hydrogen/ammonia state in India. 

  • GH2 is supporting in planning green hydrogen projects in a regional hub and host co-located companies for networking, land acquisition support, foreign investment approvals and investment promotion. 

  • GH2 is supporting in identifying a clear target for annual green hydrogen/ammonia production in the state by 2030 

  • GH2 is helping Tamil Nadu build a strong International Alliance with other renewable sectors through the Global Renewable Alliance and create a robust eco system of stakeholders for its Carbon Neutral aspirations. 

  • GH2 is supporting in understanding the demand potential for green hydrogen in various sectors, in particular for steel and fertilizers.  

  • GH2 has joined as a partner in Tamil Nadu’s working group for a “Decarbonisation Tracker”. 

(b) GH2 is supporting the development of green hydrogen certification and standards, to meet requirements in key markets and expectations from investors and citizens. 

GH2 is offering independent project appraisal of green hydrogen projects in accordance with the Green Hydrogen Standard, provided by GH2 accredited Independent Assurance Providers (IAPs), who will also conduct risk-based spot checks and thematic reviews of GH2 accredited projects.  

GH2 is supporting green hydrogen certification for producers of green hydrogen and green hydrogen derivatives. Certified projects will be licensed use the label “GH2 Green Hydrogen” and will be eligible to obtain and trade GH2 certificates of origin for green hydrogen and derivatives such as green ammonia. The projects will be listed in the GH2 certified projects registry which seeks to track the issuance, transfer, and cancellation of GH2 Certificates to support the trade in GH2 certified hydrogen throughout the value chain for other green products. 

(c) Skills Development (TBC) 

GH2 is helping in the development of Skills Framework by coordinating with various Academic, Training and Skill Qualification bodies to help build Capacity for the State of Tamil Nadu. This will help in creating a strong Standardised Skill Registry for the evolving the Green Hydrogen industry and propel Tamil Nadu as a front runner in this space.