Government of Uttar Pradesh

GH2 and Uttar Pradesh New & Renewable Energy Development Agency (“UPNEDA”) have partnered under a green hydrogen accelerator programme in India focused on key actions and innovation to help scale up green hydrogen and ammonia production and use in Uttar Pradesh including capacity building for skills, International and national co-operation for infrastructure, certifications, support in policy and legislations and not limited to the above.

  1. Policy Implementation: UPNEDA and GH2 work together to support the partnership in implementing UP’s ambitious green hydrogen policies aligned with global good practices. GH2 will support UPNEDA in establishing an enabling environment for green hydrogen production and use, such as the Green Hydrogen Charter and Good Green Hydrogen Contracting.
  2. Centre of Excellence:  UPNEDA and GH2 will set up a Centre of Excellence, that will demonstrate state leadership in the renewable and green hydrogen economy. The centre will serve as a hub to build capacity and provide technical assistance in Uttar Pradesh, India and beyond. The centre will send strong signals to government, private sector, and the finance industry that UP seeks to build on the ambitious policy announcements and position it as an attractive destination for green hydrogen and ammonia investments.
  3. Regulatory Framework: UPNEDA supports GH2 in the development and roll out of green hydrogen certification and standards, aligned with international standards, and tailored to meet the requirements of the Indian market and expectations from investors and citizens.
  4. Assessment: GH2 will work together with the government to test whether UP has an enabling environment in place, like electricity, renewables, or water policy, using its Rapid Assessment Tool (RAT).
  5. Financing: Both parties jointly work to catalyse investments in green hydrogen projects in India, by bringing together government, industry, and financial institutions in the India GH2 Financing Taskforce.
  6. Skills Development: GH2 will help in the development of Skills Framework by coordinating with various Academic, Training and Skill Qualification bodies to help build capacity for the state of Uttar Pradesh. This will help in creating a strong Standardised Skill Registry for the evolving of the green hydrogen industry and propel Uttar Pradesh as a front runner in this space.
  7. GH2 and UPNEDA will cooperate to engage organisations in India and internationally to host dialogues, networking events, discussions, workshops and develop and disseminate research on green hydrogen. To that effect the GH2 and UPNEDA shall establish a flagship platform “UP Green Hydrogen Forum”, that will bring all the key stakeholders together. The Forum shall also establish a dedicated website that will act as a gateway to UP’s strategic green-hydrogen initiatives.