Green Hydrogen Policy Hub, India

A physical Green Hydrogen Policy Hub is established in New Delhi together with International Solar Alliance to help manage the virtual Centre of excellence established as part of India’s G20 presidency and undertake key actions to accelerate green hydrogen production and use in India and beyond.

The Centre is to based within the office of the International Solar Alliance. 

The hub functions as a global Centre of excellence based in New Delhi, building on the virtual Centre of Excellence as part of India’s G20 presidency. The hub will bring together global best practices on green hydrogen policies and standards and will help maintain the virtual Centre of excellence being established by International Solar Alliance.  

The hub will accelerate the green hydrogen economy with enabling policy actions, regulations, and standards, including: 

  • Support the central and state government in accelerating planning and permitting processes for renewable energy and green hydrogen projects and develop effective community engagement models, building on the recommendations of the global “Planning for Climate Commission.”  

  • Support in designing and implementing India’s green hydrogen policy and related legislation, aligning it with global standards and best practice. The programme will establish and share knowledge and good practices on topics including regulations and contracting, fiscal terms and incentives, land use and infrastructure access, community consultation and transparency, national and local development, pricing, and offtake. 

  • Advance green hydrogen standards and certification. Industry collaboration with green hydrogen investors and project developers in India. The initiative will engage companies in the process of testing early-stage green hydrogen projects against the global Green Hydrogen Standard2 and contribute to national public and private sector processes on the development of certification frameworks.  

The hub will establish a Steering Committee with government and private sector representatives to provide strategic direction. It will connect public, private, and civil society actors and build on ongoing efforts by companies like Adani and ACME in implementing the Green Hydrogen Standard