Sustainable development contribution

Key considerations

  • The green hydrogen economy can and should advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The green hydrogen economy should in particular contribute to the meeting of SDGs on urgent action to combat climate change, ensuring access to energy, sustainable water management, inclusive growth and employment, and sustainable infrastructure and industrialisation.
  • Making sure that the green hydrogen economy lives up to its potential to contribute to the SDGs will require innovative models and collaboration between developers, developments partners and the government from the early stages of the design of large projects.
  • Governments and project developers could consider at the feasibility stage how green hydrogen projects can realistically and sustainably offer local employment opportunities, decarbonise grids and supply excess renewable energy or clean water to surrounding communities.
  • This guidance addresses how SDGs can be furthered by green hydrogen projects, and considers the role of private capital, development finance institutions and bilateral development support to achieve SDGs. It also summarises developments and the unique potential for such efforts for green hydrogen projects in developing countries.