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Green Hydrogen Vision

“The Republic of Djibouti, by its geographic position, is located on one of the busiest trade routes in the world and given its exceptional solar and wind resources, abundant land and easy access to the sea, has strong potential to become a major player in the production of the fuel of the future- green hydrogen. We wish to benefit from AGHA’s multiple activities, networks, and partnerships.” H.E. Yonis Ali Guedi, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Djibouti.  

In a significant move aimed at reshaping the energy landscape in the Horn of Africa, CWP Global, a prominent player in renewable energy development, has forged a partnership with the Government of Djibouti. Recently formalized through a historic joint declaration at the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai, this agreement is set to propel the advancement of CWP's ambitious Green Star Hydrogen Hub initiative. Poised to redefine Djibouti's economic and energy trajectory, this landmark collaboration marks a crucial juncture in the region's journey toward sustainable energy. 

The Dubai Joint Declaration outlines the agreement, emphasizing the substantial impact the Green Star Hydrogen Hub will have on Djibouti's economic growth. This encompasses the creation of highly skilled jobs, investments in infrastructure, and the provision of accessible power and water. The project is not merely conceived as an energy initiative but is envisioned as a catalyst for economic development and prosperity in Djibouti. 

Yonis Ali Guedi, Djibouti's Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, conveyed, "Through the implementation of this large-scale 5- 10-Gigawatt green hydrogen development project, we aim to position Djibouti as a central hub for the future fuel and supply green hydrogen to the numerous ships navigating the Bab El Mandeb Strait." 

Impact Targets

The project catalyses economic growth and diversification, unlocking local gains for the citizens. 

The project promises to help Djibouti create jobs and value-added industries. Located strategically in the Horn of Africa, it will support the development of low-carbon fuels and industrial products for export. 

Government green hydrogen lead

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources