GH2 Country Portal – Egypt

Green Hydrogen Vision

Egypt aims to be one of the largest exporters of clean hydrogen in the region, this has become a major goal in light of global changes related to the energy sector, as well as global economic and environmental changes in relation to climate change and the green economy. The Egyptian Government is achieving large-scale, low-cost Renewable Energy development and designing models for sustainably maximizing fiscal revenue and development in Renewable Energy investments in green hydrogen and ammonia production. Egypt’s world-class solar and wind resources give it a long-term competitive advantage in producing green hydrogen and green ammonia.

National Strategy/ Policy

The national strategy for green hydrogen is currently being prepared in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and it will be finalized and announced during the COP 27 conference, provided that this strategy includes short- and long-term goals in all sectors of the Egyptian state, such as sectors (industry, transport, petrochemicals, ...etc).

As a result of internal and external changes related to the energy sector, global economic changes, the emergence of green hydrogen, global trends regarding climate change and the green economy, and the decline in the prices of renewable energies, the integrated sustainable energy strategy (Egypt 2035) is now being updated to determine the extent of the possibility of increasing the participation of renewable energy in the Egyptian energy mix, and introducing Green hydrogen element in the energy mix.

Capacity and Price

The capacity and prices of hydrogen will be clarified after finishing the National Strategy of Green Hydrogen.

Impact Targets

  • Consolidating Egypt's position as a regional and global energy centre, especially in the production and circulation of green hydrogen.

  • Increasing the rates of renewable energy production for Egypt.

  • Maximizing the utilization of the site of the Suez Canal and the surrounding seaports.

  • Attracting large direct investments in this field

  • Providing many direct and indirect job opportunities in the various operational sectors for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives.

  • Contribute as a source of clean energy to accelerating efforts to protect climate and reduce carbon emissions.

Policy Spotlight

  • A standard memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been prepared to serve as a nucleus for all green hydrogen production and trading projects, and the investments provided by the developers of these projects.

  • The establishment of an independent electricity transmission grid parallel to the current grid is being studied, which is to transfer the capacities generated by renewable energy for use in the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives, in order to ensure that the energy sources are clean and green (green corridor / clean corridor).


It is expected that investments in the field of green hydrogen production in Egypt will reach large numbers, and it is expected that Egypt will contribute a small share in these investments while providing all kinds of governmental and logistical support and setting investment incentives in this field.

Government green hydrogen lead

  • The Cabinet.

  • Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy