GH2 Country Portal – Ethiopia

Green Hydrogen Vision

Ethiopia currently has an installed capacity of 4,965MW, expected to double with the commissioning of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam at 6,450MW. The government of Ethiopia has made commitments to a new strategy to continue to improve its hydroelectric infrastructure by constructing 16 hydroelectric dams and 24 wind-generating projects within the next 20 years.

The first Siemens Gamesa Assela 100MW wind farm began in 2021 in the Iteya, Oromia region 150Km south of Adis Ababa. With Support from IFC and The World Bank, Ethiopia also intents to scale its solar initiatives in the country. They have also begun tapping into the country’s geothermal resources at TuluMoye, Aluto Langhano and Corbetti through PPPs, and look to develop 17 geothermal projects further down the line.

Ethiopia aims to have an installed capacity of 35,000 MW by 2037.

The eastern parts of Ethiopia have been deemed viable to host green hydrogen projects, and we are currently carrying out detailed studies on the country’s need for energy from green hydrogen and how to replace fossil fuels. The Policy, strategy and project documents are aimed to be completed by 2023.  

Project spotlight

Ethiopia gave its first license for hydrogen power generation to Fortescue Future Industries in May 2022, while China’s CGL intends to construct an ammonia plant from natural gas fields in Ethiopia with an aim to produce an overall 2.5 million Tonnes of liquid hydrogen, and 700,000 tonnes in its first phase of operations.