Green hydrogen policies and standards in China

The Daxing International Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Zone (“Daxing Park”) in Beijing, the Green Hydrogen Organisation (“GH2”) and the Nordic Asia Green Industry Centre (“NAGIC”) are working together to contribute to the global scale up of production, trade and use of green hydrogen. 

The initiative focuses on three pillars:

  1. Advancing green hydrogen standards and certification. Industry collaboration with green hydrogen investors and project developers in China. Engaging companies in the process of testing early-stage green hydrogen projects against the global Green Hydrogen Standard and contributing to national public and private sector processes on the development of certification frameworks in China. 

  2. Accelerating the production and application of green hydrogen in China and beyond. China will play a pivotal role in increasing the uptake of green hydrogen and global efforts to rapidly phase out fossil fuels in key economic sectors. China is also expected to play a key role in meeting the “100 by 2030” target. The initiative works through partnerships with industry associations, alliances and think tanks in China working on hydrogen and facilitates Chinese government support for the Green Hydrogen Charter.  

  3. Promoting industry and trade collaboration. Facilitating green hydrogen trade relations between China and other countries, regions and key markets. The initiative contributes to research and knowledge sharing on green hydrogen developments between Chinese and other green hydrogen government and industry players in key markets.